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August 29, 2011
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ASOIAF Tarot by kethryn ASOIAF Tarot by kethryn
Group project done by several artists.

:iconmotodraconis: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, Death, The Sun

:iconvivianedanglars: The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Devil

:iconpitselly: The Lovers, Strength, The Hanged Man, The World

:iconespered: Temperance, The Star, The Moon

Liaku: [link] The Empress

Ladynyks: [link] The Chariot, Justice

Deeplyunhip: [link] Wheel of Fortune, Judgement

Rvillarrubia: [link] The Tower

Fanmix graphic and tarot graphic template designed and quotes chosen by Honest_Illusion [link]

This group fan project was dreamed up on LiveJournal, on the Westerosorting Lannisters community, I canít remember whoís idea it was first Ė Liaku riffing off Ladynyks I think.

Iím still working in my A6 sketchbook, which is why all my tarot cards are head shots squeegieed into a circle (I used a mug for the circle template) then scanned and coloured in SAI. Honestly, I canít wait to be rid of that damned sketchbook, A6! NEVER AGAIN! Alas, I still have 79 pages to go :cries: Yeah, I know, I could try drawing on something else, but Iím a bit anal about sketchbooks and have to finish them in sequence. Pretty much everything I put up here in DA was originally drawn in my sketchbook of the time, (though often scanned and then coloured on computer, particularly with this wretched A6 thing, which is too cramped for me to colour comfortably in traditional media) itís the only way I can discipline myself to sketch and draw anything at all in between my work commitments.

Asoiaf tarot cards are not a new idea, so I feel credit is due to those people on DA who have been working on tarot cards alone, notably...

:iconcloudninja9: Check out their gorgeous tarot card project here. [link]